Over the years the work of Shark Games network has formed a close-knit and talented team of young professionals.
More than once we have been convinced that it is people who are the foundation upon which any business rests. We support the professional
growth and development of our colleagues, and we value their opinion and contribution to our common cause. We understand that modern people
spend a large part of their day at work, and therefore we strive to create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere for work. Our leadership is ready for
dialog and to have a discussion on any working issues or suggestions.

Our company is constantly growing and developing, and generating more and more new directions and services. As such we are always ready
to consider résumés and offer positions to experienced professionals as well as recent graduates.

Advantages of working at Shark Games:

The rapid development and promising
growth of internet marketing.

Real career growth.

Training and development, participation in

The opportunity to gain work experience in Western markets and practice in English.

The absence of a strict dress code.

A friendly atmosphere, ideal for joint work
and training.

A young, cohesive team.

Marketing dedicated to games is always interesting! At the moment the following vacancies are open:
Account manager Affiliate manager
If one of these vacancies describes the next stage of your career and you feel that you possess the necessary skills
and qualities then submit your résumé to this address: hr@sharkgames.com

We will be pleased to consider you as a candidate!


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